Wednesday, June 9, 2010

thank for ur letterrr...;)

thanks 4 ur letter n pics. I really appreciate it….
yes. I was wrong. but, do u know how I suffer here? I dont think so ..
u’re too concerned about ur career, ur property, and others.
did u ever think about my feelings? NO. you just want me 2 be "YANG TERBAEK" je kan? ..

u said that im bad? Don’t judge a book by its cover.
I know, I'm not a good person. but I know how to take care of myself as a woman n as a daughter to my mum n dad. thank you very much because at the same time u were aware of me.

4 ur information, not because him or someone else I be like this. not because of him I become rebellious. how can u think like that?its too cruel! Whatever I do is personal. I want to enjoy my life before I get married.

firstly, I suffered a lot. But, I keep it to myself.if I said anything, I’ll be scolded badly. Everytime u ask me… Lisa, do u have a problem? If I told u my problems u’ll scold me again. Its like u’re telling me that you love that personmore than me. u're more concerned about her than me. first, because of a man you abuse me. Did u think that could forget all this? Dont blame other people. Don’t accuse anyone if u have no proof. Now you u want to make father hate his children? you want to make my father ur enemy? FYI, wherever I go, my father knew. I never lied to him because he knows me. Even if he didn’t believe me, he will find out what I do, but its nothing to me because I didn’t do anything wrong.

Im very disappointed with ur attitude. I tought u will understand my feelings. but no. u always think about urself. U never change. U’re really selfish. I never said anything as u always blame me for everything. but, I dont care. Besides, if I die alone in the house, no one will know.u said I socialize too much. Socializing is normal for teenagers like me now. I know u got all this information from my blog. I'm not stupid.

I think I wanna go far away so that no one will hurt me again.. because I know u love me, I dont want to do it. I always hope u know my progress that someday u will not be upset with my life.

I want to ask for ur forgiveness if I hurt u with my words. I just want to express myself. I dont want u to insult me so hurts. I know,u think no one better than u.
thank you again for your HELP. I really appreciate it. BYE

p/s:sory if bahasa i tunggang langgang.kelam kabut.nk pikir dh serabut.sory,i hope korg paham okay!;(


abg kassim said...

ak x phm spth hrm bhse inggris ko nie??tuls la bhsa melyu...knp bhse mlyu xde "class" kew??!!ko nie btoi kew???ak nmpk cm x btoi jew???!!jiwa kaco ape???!!

lysa said...

hahahaahaha.mmg laaaa ak tulis bg ko xpaam!sebb ayat aku neh bukan utk ko la bangang!!!!!
agk2 xreti bhsa ingeriss.blah ahh!xya semak2 baca blog aku.
butoh lah~

Orkedviolet said...

dear lysa..
me k.mas..

4 abg kassim.. no need 2 blame others
ur english too we didnt know how great r they.....

Lysa.. no need to shame wif others k.. dere is no problem wif ur speling n others
dis bro kassim make u feel down wif ur english, dont stop writing in english..

lot of love k.mas

lysa said...

its okay k.mas.just rsa ak keterlaluan ayat dye tuh.
lysa xkesa org nk ckp ape.
mmg xbrape pndai pn nk type kene tgur scara elokla.
yg bule sume org trime.
tgkla cara dye tgur..biadap sgt.
ty k.mas~

nak jadi comel? sila click. ;p